Angelina Valentine Bio

Angelina Valentine BiographyThere is good reason why Angelina Valentine has a reputation for being one of the most bad ass babes in porn. The term “hardcore” hasn’t been reserved solely for her performances. She has lived on the edge and danced at the precipice of free fall. She has wreaked havoc and spent her time in jail, but in the end, she also pulled herself together, sobered up, and wears her dirty deeds like a badge of honor while moving forward with no regrets and a deeper appreciation for what it means to be free.

Angelina was born September 19, 1986 in Lexington, Kentucky. She grew up on a big farm and was always bringing home stray animals. At one point, she even raised orphaned groundhogs. During the summers while her father was still alive, he would send her to acting classes and she loved being able to roleplay. She was never shy and was always very confident.

Always very girlie, Angelina loved playing with her Barbies and getting her hair, nails, and makeup done. She wanted to be a princess and in her early years, her parents catered to that wish and spoiled her. With the death of her father, her life took some twists and turns and her deviant side came to the surface.

At age 14 while still in braces, Angelina got her first tattoo. Her mother had made a deal with her that if she could get all A’s her freshman year, then she would allow her to get inked. She didn’t think it would actually happen, but Angelina was determined and surprised everyone when she made honors that year. It is that level of determination that has seen her find the success that she has today.

Although she had originally wanted to be a veterinarian, Angelina ended up working at a club in Kentucky. It was there that a feature dancer encouraged her to head for Los Angeles and give the adult biz a try. She took the advice and bought a plane ticket. She showed up in California with $10 and no idea of what she was going to do. She ended up meeting a porn photographer in a sleazy hotel lobby and the rest is history.

The 5’4” 34DD-24-35 Latina has been in well over two hundred films. She has been nominated for numerous awards and won the 2009 XRCO Deep Throat Award. Her performances are always full of energy and without apology. She has a true hunger for sex and the more explicit or freaky, the more turned on she gets.

Angelina still loves to party, but after taking a break and spending some time in Thailand, as well as graduating from college, she has learned how to rein her firecracker side in as necessary. She still loves animals, actively speaks out against animal cruelty, and involves herself in charities to help them. She enjoys spending time at home, watching movies, and cuddling up in bed on rainy days. Getting pampered at the salon is another of her favorite things.

With the motto of “Go big or go home” and the belief that if you want something, you have to go and get it, Angelina doesn’t appear to have any intentions of slowing down the sexcapades or abandoning her porn career. She owns who she is and will keep going hard and inviting you to sit back and enjoy the crazy ride.

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